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Written by  on December 15, 2013 

Cooler weather gradually, the mind gradually clear. Think of someone, at the beginning of each hollister stier hit me, and I warmly greet, make fun of, to me a brilliant smile, smile than incandescent lamp is shining. Found since someone right big points, the high point position to meet him, say hello to him, he is indifferent. Wow, really did not expect that the incandescent smile is fake so so! Also, it is full of fake and shoddy products, some people are “advancing with the times”, along with age, with fake products together with progress! What to call it! This is called “high eq”!! Some people false ah, top so fake smile on your face, the head does not hurt? Such living not tired? I think are tired! Because the weather is cold, clear mind! To think that such a fake smile! For me no, everybody is the same, only one –. The result is the same, when one has passed away everyone by dust and soil. Why so complicated, hypocritical to live!
Yesterday, she rang me and said: “my parents always help a 80 year old grandmother pick hollister tops vegetables picked up the road to sell. I told the aunt said, told her not to mind their own business, and so will the old man have what problem, her family will certainly come to you in trouble. You said Is it right??” I think it has been reported that the news. I don’t know how to answer the second sister, make an ambiguous statement said: “help, should be all right!” She angrily said: “she has a son did not go to help pick vegetables, you do what? The old man walks one a day, what’s the problem, do not blame my parents on the head?” This question was asked of me, I do not know how to answer, then changed the subject. Yesterday to a day, night, still want to. Feel so good, helpful parents, as their daughter, feel very happy! Wasn’t listening to the analysis before, I heard my parents deeds, heart good happy. I don’t think we should go to the tube and helpful things, parents do things in mind. If parents looked at the eighty year old grandmother there, hobbled difficult to pick vegetables, cold and indifferent to go. I think, we again how to persuade hollister and co parents, not to help, will be how, parents must still do not cold and indifferent. There are still many many people think of the world, the bad guys are just a few. The news thing, because rare special, so will be news. The dog bite won’t be news, but the man bites dog will become the news.