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Written by  on December 16, 2013 

Have you ever heard of such a rabbit’s story?
Its name is good, because it is always a good boy, from all obey their hollister flip flops parents.
At birth it soon abandoned by their families, were later adoption. Then it looks and other small rabbit small, also feel depressed.
In its childhood world occupies most of it is pain, it did not get the family love, do not feel happy, only to make it memorable is spent in Grandma happy be light of heart from care short childhood.
In the blink of an eye to the darling of school age, it is the parents went home, then happiness does not belong to it, followed by the one by one the pain.
Grandma used to live, to return to their home very does not adapt, is facing some hollister underwear stranger and things, so that it is more afraid of timid.
Little darling, it’s painful life is just beginning, for the young, that is much suffering! It had been crying, also can have, unknowingly, a stamina on it slowly, to make it strong to live now, but he now lives more bad, not only pressure, and all aspects of things let it worry, pain. When a child of sorrow, grew up also as a small time, now worry, this is the good life, is not a happy life.
In a few years later, was experienced a lot of things, little baby grow up, no longer is so weak, but still strong and stubborn. Even if encounter greater pain, but also bear alone. Because it is not afraid of anything. In fact, hollister hills as long as alive, no matter what is not, the difficulty is only temporary.
It learned to face, let it know it all.