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Written by  on December 20, 2013 

The train drew forward, started like those favorite text with the mobile phone on the train, hollister dresses no Webpage, Guizhou’s train was always going through too many long dark tunnel. The sizzle might hide a stimulus. Imagine the tunnel middle leisurely long standing in the dark. What despair can let you choose to the other side of the world in such a way! Curious, perhaps just want to bid farewell to this world, bid farewell to the wound in your heart too long man.
Tell the odd I want to see the text set, he copied in my QQ on a computer, is from Anne, there are so many years ago has one one seen, forget also started too much, then begin again. As she says, travel, seems to be able to let all start again.
Remember to buy the computer, always fancied himself, sitting in the balcony, the sun through hollister locations the glass into eyes, slightly squinting tap the keyboard appearance, at that time, just want to have a computer can let me endless weaving their own language, let it evolve into text, beautiful, desperate, vigorous, how, is what I want, just like our life like change unpredictably. No computer in fact, my words are used in the brush brush brush to write on paper, this habit has been for many years, the heart still pushing high school teacher, and it was reluctantly. The summer vacation back to school in order to cope with the examination, one night can be finished in two months. Years later they spontaneously want to record all kinds of life, inner each flood. Home of the book has been high. Some things so it affected your life, is negative respectively has each life. Remember those days when the computer lost, I always felt God wanted me to copy the pen, write down as in the past. In his heart of hearts, hollister jackets always thought Ah Q control my mind, what should reverse thinking, silly smile forward down the.
Not met Anne, those days still love writing, love of words are always more fantasy than others, always live in your own illusion, provide for oneself, emerge of itself and perish of itself. The word clean and clear, full of sunshine, like a child. Anne gave the children grow up, then the placement of confusion from years of soul. Thank you for giving the bustling with MI tea in the world. Towards the end of the world.