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Written by  on December 20, 2013 

In high school I had a contradiction, one is myself, the other side is the father of trust, this hollister discrimination lets me not know what course to take. The final is hard to break, in fact, I also imagine the students as to work hard, but I found the fallen long became a habit, like a soldier lost the fight, lost the beast beast, invisible shackles and let me can’t do anything. I often go to the memories of his father remark, that trust, good let me motivation, and then I found the countdown and my hand on the wall is thin, the above red Arabia digital is also more and more eye-catching, so I was nervous, but I think this is a good sign.
“In the past, mulberry Yufei late”, although the study does not rise rapidly, but the hollister impact job expectation of more intense, attitude is correct always good. This long heart war almost led me to abandon, almost become no sense of responsibility, the last months to let me understand many, has also been a lot of. I quite admire her, in the eyes of teachers, I am a lazy, no hope of students, in the eyes of students I was a lazy student, but everything is OK, finally admitted to the university. The surprise surprise, the happy happy, deliver the goods, to the satisfaction of all. Last month I changed, sweat, effort, struggle, insist on, action, this life let me continue my new look. Now I know, the last month of life I so many years pursuit, want life, hope my future university life is so, it is hard work, this is the expected!
People always like this, do not put themselves in a forced, never know how strong!
Just entered the university I seemed to start at a loss, sleeping in class, play hollister flannel mobile phone, the Internet late at night, no vitality. I look in the eyes of the life, the road is not easy, looking back only to find I have walked a long way. Thinking about thinking about and recall when I was young, I think suddenly laughed, suddenly saw the image of a few months ago, so, I was too nervous.