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Written by  on December 8, 2013 

British Prime Minister Cameron answered some questions with video China made netizens on hollister sweatpants Sina Weibo, including the British drama, family life easy content. Video is recorded before he finished his visit to china.
When Cameron returned to the UK to visit China, opened a week of “prime minister” Cameron microblogging fans on Saturday (December 7th) has more than 410000 people.
In December 2nd to 4 in Chinese for three days before the visit Cameron opened micro Bo, received tens of thousands of questions Chinese netizen. He made a video at the end of the video before the visit, but only to answer a few questions.
First of all, Cameron answered the question’s purpose of his visit to China “, aims to ensure that China Britain relations have maintained friendly and close contact, glad to meet Chinese president, prime minister, and British companies, University Museum, to everyone, so that the two countries can share the information and consensus, and build stronger connections, including business and win-win relationship”.
“Which band do you like best?” Cameron said his music, hobbies, now the most love is about a young hollister freelance British band “son of Meng Fude” (Mumford & Sons).
And Cameron answered and asked “Britain and Chinese small town of city of cooperation?”
Cameron said, this is great opportunity for bilateral cooperation, China will continue to process the city, “there are a lot of opportunities for cooperation in the urban planning, building design and service, but also need to be more green, more environmentally friendly way to the construction of new towns”.
Net friend to Cameron urged can more British drama “detective Sherlock” series, Cameron said not to interfere in a TV production company’s decision, but he knew that Holmes’s story is very popular in China, but he can tell Chinese fans want to see more of this series of information.
Finally, Cameron answered “your wife cook? Do you usually finish work?” The problem. He said: “as the prime minister every day is different, and sometimes to go out to work very late, the other will also trying to squeeze in more time with his family.”
He said: “we take turns cooking, her cooking is better than mine, also absolutely clean more than I, but I also try to share the housework before cooking, Sunday to Chinese, I made his most loved dishes, do the oxtail soup at home, to China before the end of the meal I do.”
China net people all kinds of questions, some of which relates to the Sino American relationship, Chinese hollister black friday environment, the cultural difference problem, did not include video question answering.