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Written by  on December 22, 2013 

“Face” is a lot of people China spiritual program, because there are many hollister uk sale people do things in most avoid wiping the face. In fact, what face? Face is a kind of social reputation, it is a reputation for a person by the achievement or boastful, shaped like Zhongxingpengyue to pursuit in life, that is by individual effort income, or borrow force to make force painstakingly run a business accumulated obtained.
In life, people always make efforts constantly, by various means, and use all one’s skill, a step by step by crawling, again and again efforts and history review, constantly changing their own circle of life, social status, with the circle of life and social status change, each person annotation on the face in the constantly changing due to life, survival, and reference to the standard changes, also is we often say, people become to pay attention, or to change. This should say is a common and understandable social phenomenon.
Love with the Jing qian. Life, life of the surrounding environment has changed, people’s feelings, life quality and taste come very naturally changed. Sometimes people too are entangled, among many things hollister uk outlet of the past and present of the memory of the past, but the eyes; or emotional stays in its former glory, but it is difficult to get rid of the immediate and.
In fact, life is unforgettable, no lack of such people, proud when the feel fresh and be in high and vigorous spirits; also unforgettable years of suffering hardship, swallow humiliation and bear a heavy load, to make greater efforts, as “old man” in the transfer of taro said: “when a person is moving!”
People often because many trivial things upset: or did not get the approval of others; or is that those who insult; or in some cases have not been thought due respect and so on, and have bitterness, his cousin, mental damage.
People used to play the “face” of the game, many behavior is “face”, this is a living hollister sale principle, we can’t change, so no need to heart because of, directly affect their health, happiness, and from the side to drive away, for themselves and leave only the pain. From another perspective, everything is like floating smoke and passing clouds, including power over time, occupy a large amount of wealth, eventually spread hands, naked. The most important thing in life is not occupy much wealth, wealth is indeed to the life form of identification. However, wealth is the wealth of society, if can let your spirit alive, it should be in their life will be more favorable to their own life, is the most valuable reward.