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Written by  on December 22, 2013 

Sixteen years ago, I went to America inspection visit to a villa in New York suburbs: a hollister uk online seat from the different characteristics of the two storey building is composed of courtyard, in the green country. Together, as one of interconnected and independent natural village. Here, except for the occasional one or two cars drove by, a little rustling sound, not the noisy crowd, no noisy noise, everything is elegant, quiet, quiet. The tour guide told us: “here is a place rich in, ‘the poor living in the urban areas, the rich live in the suburbs’ is a major feature of New York”. Then I think, Americans will really enjoy, in the town, the rest live in countryside, and there are cars, good at!
Did not expect shortly after returning home, I also met living in urban and rural areas of the problem. At that time I was living in the downtown area of the city, convenient transportation, shopping convenience, only five or six minutes’ walk to work. But the house that I rent, city to units, units built a family member courtyard in two or three km from the city suburbs, we should move there. If it is in the USA, I again is rich, it is a good thing. This is in Chinese, I was poor, no car, no motorcycle, only a lousy bike, dirt, work to go through the alley, walking thirty or forty minutes. No way, it is subject to the overall situation, get up early, a little hard! Here I live is 10 years, it is not on the environment here I was in love, by not adapt to adapt to, and to “cannot bear to part from each other”, was reluctant to leave.
This “me cannot bear to part from each other” feelings, is realized in a recent Chengzhongcun transformation to the. The relevant departments said, here is the integration of urban and rural areas, to extensive development to residential areas, the original house to be taken. That is to say, I have moved away from the area. Indeed, it is not I want to, now to go but I suddenly thought of a lot of good to live here, give birth to a “it’s so hard to say goodbye.”. A proverb says: “there is a margin, let go after will become a landscape”. This few years, I and the suburbs of fate, it seems that in an instant all become bright rise, become a beautiful scenery line.
The outskirts of the family member courtyard, the north is a natural village, the other three hollister clearance uk surfaces are vegetable and crop land, a tall poplar trees planted before and after school, quite a bit American villa taste. Just moved during the winter, not through heating, I live north building is facing the roar of the northwest wind, the cold, the children cold to pour out one’s endless grievances. But the second year spring, when the green halo around the trees and fields, the feeling is different. Every at dawn, the forest “chirp” sound of birds will wake me up from the dream, wake up at the target window, far and near is presented with a thriving scene, a breath of fresh air to blow on the face, immediately feel refreshed. In late spring early summer, the distant fields change from green to yellow, the air is filled with aromatic new wheat rich, will make you indulge in a harvest of joy. Early in the morning, cuckoo will be sent “yellow fresh cut”, “quick sowing Valley” cry, tell you the autumn grain harvest wheat, the sowing. Also, until the summer or autumn, the scenery is different. All this, hollister shop uk as I grew up in rural areas of I, feel is so familiar, so natural, seemed to go back to childhood that be light of heart from care era.