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Written by  on December 25, 2013 

Forget what time from the beginning, occasionally in a “Chinese Chinese characters dictation hollister sale Congress” program for a few minutes, the program is very simple, not to mention the lavish, strictly speaking there is little of the earth, but is this file simple the dregs of the program, but I keep looking impulse. Dictation, this is often the lessons of the student, the teacher on the podium or stand or sit back and forth, one word one word read two to three times, students write down. There are a few science called to the podium on the blackboard the dictation, the memory of the dictation, do students were dictation, dictation teaching students student, now, again by dictation deeply attracted.
Hold the program starting point, I think is not deeply appreciate today computer’s popularization brings Chinese characters literacy knowledge crisis. Think also, the earliest also is five pen input, each time you enter a Chinese characters, most at least also know the structure of the word, know how to write, and later, Pinyin input is popular, Chinese characters input head several of its “learn Pinyin will computer typing” advertising language quickly occupied, now the size of organs and enterprises institutions are the paperless office, still in use and several others without the five stroke input method? At least I had forgotten, investigate its reason, outside notting have is too lazy to write, two are too lazy to think, just lazy.
Five thousand years of Chinese civilization, life and growth in nature, is to rely on the Chinese hollister london characters can be inherited, Chinese characters handwritten crisis more and more serious, professional I have deep experience, is often a word a word on the whole passage or a sentence, do read, but closed the book, let me alone write it is difficult when the word, the word is in sight, but I don’t know how to write or write looked awkward, not more than one cross is a little less or do not know how to write, hey!
Now, lying on the sofa watching TV screen, not childish from the pen brush to brush the little children, I will write the correct happy for them, for they will puzzle with worry, in their failed exit and regret, but more or admiration. Learned from the program aside, in order to prepare this Chinese characters dictation assembly, all schools in addition to deploy special guidance teacher, will also Xinhua Dictionary and Chinese Dictionary dictation as a required course, also say what? In a heartfelt sigh remaining unavoidably a bit worried. I am also from rote learning students to come over, then with the right mindset, a morning can be half the political economics, but remember how tender? In addition to cope with the exam answer, really hollister store uk do not know what other purposes, over the past few decades, it seems our traditional rote of exam oriented education is expected to continue, will create the enrollment rate and Pennant awards in teenage children.