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Written by  on December 25, 2013 

For us after nine zero terms, in many ways will indulge in the wildest fantasy. The idea hollister usa exists in the course of time, will cause a sense of inferiority, might make himself to the extreme.
After the nine zero of us, are still too small, not what life experience, work experience, ability and so on, we are the parents have been sheltered grew up baby, they spoil us, spoiling our, spoil us, let us live a comfortable, happy life. But one day, they will grow up, they will contact the society, to work, to live, to carry the burden of their.
When we started, our steps already began to enter the real society, for the pure, innocent, kind of us, this is a tough challenge, we need to learn a lot of things, to challenge difficulties, should have the courage to face. We learn more, practice more, more efforts, more knowledgeable, so for themselves or have a lot of benefits. New egg was born in the real society hollister clearance suffer this is normal but again, if even a little deficit can’t eat, a little bitter to eat, I believe, the person’s life will end up with nothing.
Always easy to imagine before we were not born of social, fantasy of being your own boss, fantasizing oneself make a lot of money, to imagine the future is how happiness, imagine no efforts will be successful, fantasy of close relatives, friends will help you, fancy sky will fall down a pie, white in the eyes of prince charming fantasy…… These are how unrealistic ah, in the realistic society, easy money is also very easy to say, hard to say, it is important to see their skill, their intelligence.
When we come into contact with society, you will know the previous idea is how naive, childish. We must carry forward, the burden of carrying the burden of life, do what must depend on yourself, nobody will help you, no permanent friends, there is no eternal love…… Want to learn good life, we must learn to how lonely life.
As I often tell you those words: “life worry very much, pressure to needless to say; social reality is hollister online too cruel, people no longer naive.” I often give them, often to remind those who. But, I am the life sad people, social disappointed people, society is too realistic, I only like to protect themselves, make oneself is selfish, doing my own thing, my story, my own wonderful.