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Written by  on December 20, 2013 

A flavor of “cherish the memory of Jiangnan” series has filled daydreams and infinite emotion, hollister jeans sale had a dream in which numerous times to describe and outline the Jiangnan scenery, now fortunately have a concept, it is the joy of life!
All along, I think Wuxi is a bustling modern city, did not think of the natural landscape here still lets a person as the acme of perfection, especially the Taihu Lake landscape.
Hengshan is located in the garden of Shun long Ju resort left me a very deep impression, with typical Jiangnan landscape. It is a three-dimensional picture, a beautiful poem, a light song.
The car forward slowly, of greet is the ups and downs of Xiushan, verdant greenery. Brushed hollister tank tops to mountain wrapped a vegetation atmosphere, gladdening the heart and refreshing the mind, let a person tired from the journey means nothing.
The flower garden planted many exotic flowers and rare herbs, let people see things in a blur, little and dainty gardener pruned by pot culture. A pebble paved path extends in the grass. Artificial lake lying white lilies, stained with dew, it is “dew lie a clump of the pan, lotus incense fine breeze cool.” Having an antique flavour arch bridge across the lake, goldfish carefree and content, the birds singing high ming. Small waterfall thin flow, no discharge and spectacular.
The sun rises from the mountains, to the coated with a layer of gold, a souvenir shops hollister tracking house bamboo shade, frame is a peculiar to the south of the blue and white porcelain, interspersed with small pot. Hanging on the wall a iris kite, silent motionless. Follow the trail, and went to a four corner Pavilion, for the rest of the bench stone chair path full of.
Ecological tea plantation known side of Wuxi have good Taihu tea bamboo, green color luster, aroma fragrance. Go is Yang Meiyuan, it is late July, red bayberry picking season has passed, and ginkgo, persimmon, jujube was covered with fruit, full of the joy of harvest.