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Written by  on December 14, 2013 

Considering the increasing emergency spacewalk outside the international hollister las vegas space station, repair the failure of an external cooling system.
The space station has two external circulation cooling system, one of 11 due to reach the preset temperature limit once automatically shut down. Engineers on the ground that the internal cooling system, a flow control valve is not normal. NASA said in a statement 13, the ground staff tried to fix the valve remote control of attitude but failed. Therefore, the project hollister ebay manager to discuss the emergency plan of the spacewalk, probably the earliest times the space walk replacing ammonia pump failure valve where the next week.
In 2010, the space station and an external cooling system has failure, the final implementation of the 3 spacewalks the successful replacement of liquid ammonia pump problem.
At present, the station has a total of 6 astronauts, in spite of their cooling system failure does not constitute a risk, but some non essential equipment space station has been closed, in order to reduce the burden of the cooling system.
American astronaut Richard Mastrakio said 13 days, the space station’s life has not changed much. “Light has been lit, the toilet is in the normal working, eating is not affected. Here we are still very comfortable. Do many scientific experiments that the biggest problem is that we don’t like the plan, we had to cancel some events, “a video posted on the website of the hollister stier NASA Ma Stella Keogh said.