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Written by  on December 12, 2013 

In July 6th this year, Asiana before the crash occurred, pilot Li Jiangguo on visual landing did not hollister facebook hold in the operational errors. The crash after first discovered the firefighters on the ground China schoolgirl Ye Mengyuan without checking the vital signs, that she is dead, the two fire engines were rolled.
On the same day, in the American Washington, the National Transportation Safety Board held hearings Asiana air crash. The first driving Boeing 777 pilot Li Jiangguo told investigators said, was “very concerned” before the crash, because he was told of the airport runway construction, automatic warning system is temporarily unavailable, need his visual landing.
The survey also showed, Li Jiangguo total flight time close to 10000 hours, but the Boeing 777 has a total length of less than 45 hours, this was the first time the Boeing 777 at San Francisco International airport.
In July 6th this year at about eleven twenty-seven, the accident has landed at San Francisco International Airport Li Jiangguo driving Asiana Airlines Boeing 777 passenger plane, causing Ye Mengyuan to 3 Chinese female students were killed, 180 injured.
San Mateo forensic office in July 19th, said at a news conference, the coroner’s report shows, Ye hollister vest Mengyuan was still alive before rolling.
According to the December 11th report, after the crash, Ye Mengyuan by rescuers from the burning plane rescued placed in the left wing, the ground.
San Francisco International Airport firefighters Roger Philips take the No. 10 rescue fire fighting vehicle is second cars arrived on the scene to rescue vehicle, Philip J was the first one to see Ye Mengyuan rescue personnel.
Phillips told the transportation safety board investigators, he walked to Ye Mengyuan’s side, the distance is only 15 feet (about 4.57 meters).
“She curled up on the ground, like to do first aid training dummies, from the look of it seems to have died.”
Phillips said, he did not examine Ye Mengyuan’s vital signs, just tell the driver to Jimmy Ye, and hollister hoodies for girls also at the scene of the fire bureau deputy director Christine Emmons reported what he saw.
Emmons told investigators that Ye Mengyuan has died, her eyes, “the girl without any sound, also do not move.”
Ye Mengyuan was soon jet flame retardant foam coverage, causing the fire truck 14 minutes after pressure from her.
About twelve one, 37 fire trucks leave water, pilot Eijs Duckett again rolled over Ye Mengyuan. Roller screen is a fire commander Mark? Johnson wears a helmet camera photographed.