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Written by  on December 22, 2013 

Most lets me feel comfortable, or the quiet. Family should be the people’s warm hollister uk site harbor, one of the most important factors is quiet. But I had rented the bustling urban residence, although there are many convenient said above, but lack of quiet. The window facing the street, from morning to night, hawker motor sound, all kinds of vehicle noise constantly, make you restless and no escape. I tried like Tao Yuanming “Jielu people in the territory, and no noise of chariots and horsemen. Jun he asked you, far from the heart side “, but I didn’t like Tao Yuanming force. More hate the street restaurant sends out the smell of oil, smoke, air pollution, choking nose thorn larynx, unbearable. All of this, since it moved to the suburbs, just leave me and go, I just like a fish in the blue lake from the gutter to swim, felt comfortable.
Suburban residence is really good. Around the sunny day, wilderness of crops, small flowers, hollister outlet in the quiet sun quietly unfolding leaves, you will feel the world is kind of quiet beauty; rainy days, you’re sitting in your living room or bedroom, with a reading window filled with rain unrolling, and feel the environment is so clean. Morning or noon, comes from the forest, the birds HSS, will make you feel more quiet. When you at noon break, the tree will spread a sound cicada cries, you are accustomed to, do not think it is noisy, like a strange lullaby, let you sleep more sweet. Used to read the poet Wang Ji “into the creek if” chanzao forest more than static the famous poem “, Hill song more you” feel hard, how to unify the mute? After a period of experience we know the language well, it is the depth and thickness of the cicada singing increased Khe quiet secluded. The suburban night more pleasant, no sound of human voices, birds and insects have a rest, the night All sounds are still., you or at the desk, or in the screen, or a quiet sleep, can be happy and pleased with oneself.
More let a person feel unforgettable, here is natural and harmonious interpersonal relationship. Jia Shu Yuan spread in the village edge, environment spacious, well managed, People are hurrying to and fro., as far as can be. We and those farmers, no “face Changpu, wine words Sangma” Huan, but “a field with laughter, by asking:” friendship. The families of the district hospital in residents, on the way to work or the mutual exchange of information, or in the shopping way help hand, gather in the hospital shuffling chat the twilight when the or, not like some many-storied buildings in city residents of that neighborhood, next to “never in contact with each other”. There is a house to visit, or ask the hospital who hollister online shop can answer, “his home in a few floor number”, or even directly to the door of his house. Long term coexistence, the family has become a big family, just like the thousands of years of the formation of a natural village.