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Written by  on December 11, 2013 

You say you don’t want to tomorrow, don’t want to be. You said you had not thought of his own future, hollister models and how to think about our future, I know that you do not have any commitment, I don’t promise, you say I am silly, stupid or said I. I like this, you don’t want to, I do not want to, because you did not I don’t know how I want to go to. You say the future is unknown, since it is unknown, it is that I can accompany in your side right, right. So, I want to believe in the future. What I I finally came, I confess, I won’t leave, my heart has never left, its full installation of all is you, so I can not. Dear, I hope you can forgive me, I don’t know how to do, I just know, without you, I will not be happy, my happiness, is have you every day.
I yearn for the so-called good after, but I want to say without you I would not like that, no matter what, anyway, as long as I have you, is a great comfort to me, only you can give me full of peace. I love you, not for your appearance, not about what background, not about what a at sixes and sevens, I love you, you are the man, my love for you is beyond my imagination, no matter what happened, I just want to stay with you forever. Always.
No matter how you thought your mood changes, how change, don’t push me ok. I really good fear, you again like that, hollister california go, I am afraid, my mind went blank… I can’t live without you…
Every time and you together, I feel at ease. Every time you want to separate with you, I was very reluctant, very reluctant. You say, why get the same, like death Oh, is reluctant to you just… You say why each time you out or make you accompany me, I will be in that noisy way, I don’t think so, I think I finally live up to expectations, even the courage to ask you do not have, I don’t know why, I feel I am useless… Very useless… You said I eat not only can do what, you are wrong, I am not only thought to eat well, every day I miss you, want you, you said I was ill, I also feel that I also have the disease, how else would head is full of you, are you, want you to your class, after class, I miss you, eat to you, even to sleep and you dream about… And friends often be absent-minded, because a little I thought you… To eat is a big thing, I really want to go to eat a lot of delicious food and you, I really want to play with us, to fly a kite, to see the sea, go anywhere, I often dream with you in together, play together, go crazy… Finally, I would like to, I can not go anywhere, could stay You… Good Oh, I feel, I know that is not possible, you have a lot of things to do, well, my dear, I will be good, hollister jobs give you the space to do your own thing, and you can be together, I will be hard to cherish every minute.
Imperceptibly good time Oh, I have lots of words to say, a time could not say. Dear, I hope you happy, every time I see you, I feel happy, happy… I like staring at you, perhaps, in your opinion, I like crazy, but I think you and I feel so happy, it is a kind of enjoyment, especially to see you smile. Hey… I want to say I am loving hug you pinch = = although thin, but feeling good, of course, that also need courage.