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Written by  on December 12, 2013 

Mr. Chen: Argentina has about 120000 Chinese, there are about seven thousand or eight thousand Chinese hollister tops supermarket, the boss in Fujian. The outbreak of the financial crisis in 2001, Argentina appear multiple times for the Chinese supermarket robbery. On Christmas Eve last year, the second largest city in Argentina Rosario city has 40 Chinese supermarket robbed, a few shopkeepers were injured in the clashes.
The reason, first of all, a lot of local people on the Chinese dissatisfaction. Argentina has many public holidays during the holiday, supermarkets and shops Argentine business are closed, but the Chinese will be business as usual, but the Chinese supermarket things than other supermarket prices much lower, cause a lot of Argentina similar operators discontent, a lot of people think it is “Chinese type aggression”.
In addition, the gap between rich and poor in Argentina. A lot of the bottom of the Argentina ghetto to rely on government subsidies of life, if the government subsidies slightly insufficient, they Shangjie protests here. Although the Chinese supermarket is not the only goal, but because of some Chinese like to flaunt wealth, local people think Chinese is very rich, so Chinese supermarket became robbery target. Another reason is that the Chinese didn’t like money, like put cash in a supermarket or home.
China Daily: Chinese supermarket loss is severe not serious?
Mr. Chen: 10 in the morning, we have a Chinese supermarket here ransacked, looters in three hours not only hollister and co took away everything, even the owner of the home also looted, and even toilets have been stole. Earlier, a Chinese supermarket owner in were armed self-defense, injuring two looters, when all the looters escape at the supermarket. But soon after they returned fire to the supermarket, the owner finally due to escape being burned at the supermarket.
China Daily: there is no help police and the Embassy?
Mr. Chen: before, a Chinese supermarket robbed after the alarm, the police came to the supermarket stationed down, the owner must eat pipe drink. I heard, a Chinese supermarket robbed a few days ago, two classes a day more than a dozen police every day. To help protect the scene, they in the store a freeloader also take in vain, and often expensive, some people think that the alarm will be greater loss.
The embassy also representations in efforts with the government of Argentina, but after all the people in the territory. The embassy has sent us to remind, recommended shop business consolidation of facilities and reduce inventory, found any immediately closed.
China Daily: are you the Chinese supermarket owners now have what plan?
Mr. Chen: Argentina frequent attacks against the Chinese supermarket, the supermarket opened Chinese hollister online application jittery, now the most afraid of be 20 looted. A few days ago, most Chinese supermarket pull the door closed. Now the police wages rise back to work, a lot of Chinese supermarket that re opened, but there will be people in the street watching a street, and quickly tell each closed.