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Written by  on December 12, 2013 

Britain and America has been suspended for the north of Syria’s opposition with non lethal weapons, hollister club cali as the opposition Arsenal by Islamic militants control, once again highlighted the weapons supply or will fall into the hands of the militants concerns.
The White House spokesman Ernie Faith Te said, there are reports of Islamic Front, troops from the Syria free army took control of the Syrian military committee building, America for this report is very worried. Ernie Stewart said: “in view of the situation…… USA has been suspended to supply non lethal weapons aid to the north of Syria.” But, he says, humanitarian relief is not affected.
In this regard, the free Syria army spokesman Mike Deidre said, the practice act with undue haste, is wrong. hollister boxers He said: “we hope that our friends can reconsider, wait a few days, the situation clearly.”
Report points out, the suspension arms supply highlights a crisis facing Syria free army, namely the organization need international support to ensure its reliability, prevent free Army soldiers joined the “base” organization support for Islamist militants list.
A senior government official said American, pause for Wu’s decision should not be misinterpreted. He said: “this is definitely not the beginning USA wash one’s hands of the matter. We will keep on its humanitarian aid. We will also continue to work hard at the diplomatic level.” He also said the government also, explore other channels, to ensure that opposition with weapons do not fall into the hands of “extremists”.
British Embassy Ankara spokesman said, Britain wanted to wait until after the end of the conflict, hollister credit card the situation clear until later new decisions. He said: “the situation is still not clear, we do not plan any transfer of equipment. We will keep a close watch on.”