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Written by  on December 12, 2013 

Affected by the global warming effect, in recent years to accelerate the melting of sea ice in the hollister music Arctic may provide for speed, open up new channel; the area of crude oil reserves and natural gas reserves estimated total global untapped reserves of 15% and 30%, thinning ice also has exploration and exploitation to the natural resources in this area. Based on these factors, American, Canada, Russia and the Nordic countries around the Arctic territorial claims wrestling gradually warming.
Last month, USA defense ministry released an updated version of “Arctic strategy”, the U. S. expanded in Arctic waters action guidelines. USA Navy is expected to be completed before the end of this year, the specific scheme, including how to enhance communication, strengthen the ship in the Arctic region and reach international agreement negotiations. The Secretary of defense for that, the Arctic to the entire world means “new opportunities”, so “America necessary very actively involved”.
Although the “Arctic strategy” called to participate in bilateral and multilateral exercises to build trust, but Russia does not appreciate. Putin said earlier this month, America military in the Arctic are not reduced, this let Russia had no choice, only to maintain the corresponding power in the arctic. Putin was citing says: “experts are clear, come from the Barents Sea, American missiles it can be 15 to 16 minutes to moscow.” Xu Chao (Xinhua News)