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Written by  on December 23, 2013 

Yes, we always can be ambiguous, look ambiguous, hollister clearance uk hands ambiguous, words.
Unfortunately, but always can not find a real sense of the ambiguous. Love more and more distant from us, we are so naive as to think that it is near, at your fingertips. What does not know, in fact, do it far beyond, also did not come near you.
But perhaps it left its shadow — that’s what we like singing songs of disaster caused by flooding water. Love songs is rampant, is because we need it to camouflage our deepest compassion and take it to vent the haunting hysterical lonely. Unfortunately, since ancient times, love song state, so the singing more sad. While we may resonate hollister usa with tears but less and less, nearly dried up; delicate, sentimental heart, is more and more numb.
Love is far away that we may lost, lost the feeling that we are sad, sad after we lost the spiritual emptiness. Become dull, become stupid.
Ambiguous seems to have two explanations: one is ambiguous; another is not bright, not to be divulged.
If the ambiguity is light love, it should be more than love.
I believe that love still exist, perhaps because it has been with us, so it is not hollister careers uk easy to find. As the same time, how many people can be aware of the existence of time;
Or is it because love is fleeting, but like the sky no traces of birds, but it has flied away. Love is ever existed.
I want in my youth, there is a love with vigour and vitality, let the envy of everyone, I will come, do not worry about the length of time, if the heart, then please let them breathe!