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Written by  on December 12, 2013 

The idea to pay attention to all their SS cooperation, will replace the ruling Democratic Party of the “dynamic defense force”. Application of national defense program outline “construction since 1995 has taken the defense hollister girls force” of this statement will be deleted. Security policy of containment would change.
In addition, reported that, in view of China marine activities and North Korea’s nuclear weapons and missile development “leading security environment”, Japan will expand defense force.
The Japanese defense policy directed at a China, China Foreign Ministry spokesman 11 response says, China is closely watching the Japan’s security strategy and relevant policy trends. Japan to China Normal sea activities unreasonable accusations, rendering “China threat”, is not to be divulged political purpose. China urges the Japanese side to pay attention to security concerns its Asian neighbors, conform to the trend of the times, take the road of peaceful development, in order to improve Sino Japanese relations, maintaining peace and stability in the region should make efforts.
According to reports, the Japanese cabinet meeting will determine the new syllabus in 17 days. Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo 11, the new syllabus stressed at the meeting of experts on: “this is deciding the future of security patterns of historical documents.”
On the base with the attack ability, the two parties, Gongming security working group agreed that “according to the proper division of labor between America and Japan, research, take measures to cope with the capability to launch the missile means”.
Japan’s defense program outline first formulated in 1976, 1995, 2004 and 2010 respectively revised. hollister weather Syllabus and after 1995 to defensive, not become a military power, the three non nuclear principles and ensure that the 4 basic policies of the people control, made it clear that “building a degree of the defense force”.
The new outline still insist on the 4 fundamental policy, but “the construction of a degree of the defense force” of the expression will be deleted. Replace sb. is “effective construction with high effectiveness of integrated defense force”, “to ensure hollister tumblr that the necessary and sufficient quality and quantity” to support the self-defense war.
In addition, Japan will also be held in the 17 cabinet meeting finalized since 2014, the next 5 years the “Interim defense force preparedness plan”. This summary in addition to reflect on the Diaoyu Islands of the opposition and China, introduced in the early warning and AWACS new outer, also written to use unmanned reconnaissance aircraft, improve warning capability.