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Written by  on December 23, 2013 

Everyone has a pair of hands. In daily life and work, we use every hollister online day, wash hands, hands, has experience do not get the effect, advantages and more far-reaching significance, that few people handle as a topic to talk about it. Perhaps some people will say, the hand is the hand, but of different sizes, shapes, so what’s the talk! But I think, also is the hand, have a different understanding and view.
First from the hand shape, some large, some small hand; some hand thin, some hand in hand and thick; some, some hands rough…… Big, nature can do big things, like Yao Ming, a hand can put a basketball caught, then jump, dunk that movement directly, and the momentum of so many fans to clap hands for joy! But the little hands, take things although than not big, but very smart, such as, act as a go-between lettering repair table and fine living are generally hollister store more flexible hands to do. Thin hand, natural soft weakness; and thick hands, a look will have power, if the hand and thin thick hands together, just a hard, I keep you thin hand to ache. Delicate hands, mostly is the woman’s hand, or not to do menial work of men’s hands; and rough hands, whether it is a man’s hand, or a woman’s hand, as long as you work hard, it is the virtue. If you are young, full of natural meat hand skin tight, bright color; and if you are old, hand nature is less meat and skin fold, mottled. People love to each other often shake hands, that is to say an important move friendly. During the handshake process, careful people can realize the basic features of the other hand soft degree, temperature and dry or wet, roughly determine the nature the other hand work. As in the war years, some veteran comrades, often by holding each other’s hands, can determine that you are holding the gun, or grab pen, or ordinary people. So, as long as you stretch out your hand, don’t look at your face, you can generally tell you are a hollister website man, or woman; you do cooly, or eat “emperor grain”; you are poor, rich; you are old, still young; etc..