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Written by  on December 14, 2013 

A Colorado high school students in the school 13 days shotgun fire, seriously injured hollister online students before killing himself, motivation is expelled suspected in debating society, to find a teacher.
Ala Pa Ho County Sheriff Robinson (Grayson Robison) said, this student at noon in the Denver suburb of Ala Pa Ho high school (Arapahoe High School), brandishing the shotgun, ask a teacher in where, after shooting a 15 year old girl.
Robinson said, was locked teacher immediately run away from school, was not injured, later someone inside a classroom that the gunman died of a self inflicted gunshot wound, the incident at the end of the 14 minutes.
He said later, Arsenal is a 18 year old school students Pearson (Karl Pierson).
Robinson said, there is no indication that this incident last year, Dick, Newton and Connecticut town (Newtown) primary school shootings an anniversary. Last year a gunman shot and killed 20 children and 6 adult in the town of Newton Sandy after Hooke primary school Dutch act.
Students said, the suspect was in the school track and field team, the Speech Club and debating society, smart and well loved, they never guess he may have committed the crimes of violence.
The sheriff said, authorities are investigating whether “retaliation” for the possible motives, but unspecified. The authorities believe this young man is alone.
Denver local television reports, the suspect has recently been expelled from the debate club hollister logo after a very uncomfortable, but it has not yet been confirmed other aspects.
In this high school seniors Voronov (Frank Woronoff) said, the suspect recently in the debate club was “demoted”, by locking the teacher is debating club consultant. Voronov said: “some people say this leads him to do such a thing.”
The authorities plan to stop searching suspects inside vehicles, as well as the parents of two houses.
Sergeant Robinson said, 15 year old girl had been shot at a local hospital after the operation, in critical condition, there is no indication that the Gunners special locking her.
He said authorities at first thought another female student suffered minor wounds, the original is seriously injured girl’s blood to.
Another three students “anxiety attacks”, psychological treatment.
Robinson said, the suspect in the campus detonated a bomb device like Molotov cocktails, hollister careers but another not catch fire, the authorities have been removed.