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Written by  on December 14, 2013 

A wedding fleet Beida Yemen province 12 day on the way to their village wedding by U.S. hollister shirts drone attacks. The team a total of 11 cars, of which 4 are locked for the target drone. After the air strikes, the body burning, the fire, the 2 car was completely destroyed, the scene is a mess.
A security official said: “air strikes did not hit the target, but hit the wedding procession. 10 people were killed, another 5 wounded died in hospital.” CNN report said, 14 people were killed, 22 injured. 2 of the dead were local prestigious tribal leaders.
Yemen is Al Qaeda in an important foothold in Arabia Peninsula, the armed forces are very hollister dresses active in here. Yemen demanded in August that provide the U.S. drones against Al Qaeda.
An anonymous Yemen defense official said: “this is the critical moment a tragic mistake. No one is Yemen government reward wanted.” Witnesses at the scene of Abdullah? Cabral said: “the unmanned aircraft in our town has killed more than 50 people. Counterterrorism victims in support of the government. But if the government does not take strong measures, the family of the deceased and the tribe won’t stop.” America officials refused to comment.
The United Nations human rights and anti-terrorism correspondent Ben? Emerson hollister jackets said in October, in the past 10 years, America UAV project has killed 2200 people, including 400 civilians.