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Written by  on December 23, 2013 

The same hand, but has a different fate, no wonder some people love palmistry, hollister uk sale give a person a fortune teller to earn money. In fact, the hand texture did not what secret, just from the appearance of the hand to know about, and then according to “palmistry” in routine compiled on the air, would be an easy job to put their money to defrauded superstition. We hand looks aside, the key to see what my hands can do what. We can not easily believe that fortune teller’s mouth, his fate as a spiritual pillar, without their own hands to work hard to change their fate. As farmers, some people play food is much, and some people playing less grain; is the same person, some people have to suffer, while some others backseat driver, to command others; is the same person, some people from a soldier into a general, while some others from high-ranking officials became a prisoner…… In fact, the world is beautiful, is this your hands how to use, how to fight, to fight. The delicate hand dry live more, nature will become rough; but the rough hand long time does not work, will gradually become delicate. It depends on your hand for what to do — want hand becomes delicate, depends on the brain to work; otherwise, can only be a bitter one pair of hands. While labor is glorious, as long as you keep your hand is a pair of industrious hand, regardless of your birth, will be through their own unremitting efforts, will be their own future and destiny gradually change. If hollister outlet uk we hand does not command others, then use their own hands to work hard; if we hand thick, then make some effort to live; if we hand thin, do some fine living. Each has its own advantages, also have their respective weaknesses. As long as you can put your hands to good use, with their own hard labor in exchange for the corresponding compensation, so also live feel at ease and justified. On the contrary, if your hands to reap without sowing, then get the street when a beggar, but also be poor like, otherwise, people will not give you ten cents. If you dare to go to extremes and adventure, or go to the street when the thief to rob in the dark, or secretly; if your IQ higher, perhaps as a corrupt official, maybe some criminal activities…… But doing this is ultimately going to jail; The sin is great., even dropped a head, wouldn’t it be more sad?
So to say, the hand is fundamental to the survival and development of people’s, hollister good use is that people can live a happier life, not good but will bring more misery and pain. I always hope everyone handles well, don’t let it idle. Also hope that those pale and delicate hand to try various devices to create better working and living conditions for the rough chapped hands! Because, rough hand won’t transform heaven and earth, will only do low-level work, is at most a few bucket food; only those pale and delicate hands, there will be big, will come up with the way and methods of work better, show those rough hand continuously improve labor efficiency, increase labor income, to raise the standard of living also, keep their hands to get better service, better enjoy. If Chinese hand becomes delicate, it is one of the great blessing of Chinese!