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Written by  on December 9, 2013 

Venezuela completed a nationwide municipal elections in a calm atmosphere. In the country hollister shorts more than 1.3 polling stations, voters with their own hands the ballot elections for the national 335 city mayors, 2 administrative district chief executive and 2455 members of the council.
National Electoral Commission in complete ballot counting to 97.52%, when in the evening announced preliminary election report. The report shows, the actual voters about the total 59% of the electorate. Effective vote the ruling party “United Socialist Party won 44.16% of the valid votes,” opposition “Alliance for democracy” to get 40.96%. In the 257 city has finished counting, the unified socialist party candidate won 196 city mayor seats, the Democratic unity coalition candidate to obtain 53 city mayor seats.
The municipal election was a kind of local elections, people are more concerned about in the municipal elections is and his life in local affairs. However, since this is the first national election campaign Maduro in April this year, was elected president of Venezuela held after the municipal elections, this year the political significance of beautifully. Both the ruling United Socialist Party, or the opposition coalition Alliance for democracy, all the municipal elections as a political struggle decided to Venezuela’s future development direction, is a test of the Maduro administration ability.
Alliance for democracy leader C Pury Les visited 117 city 21 state, around the opposition candidate for mayor campaign. In the past the middle class voting enthusiasm is not high, C Pury Les and democratic unity coalition is calling for the middle class should actively participate in the municipal elections, “don’t vote is the ticket to the” government “,” if you want to change the words, will not be able to vote on shilly-shally”.
The unified socialist party is combined with other left-wing parties organized the “patriotic front”, to set up the “election fighting brigade” and “1 people pull 10 ticket” means to mobilize the people, launched a strong campaign momentum, and the December 8th “election day” as “the motherland, on the expression of the high commander Chavez day loyalty and affection”.
The second half of this year, Venezuela met the severe economic situation. National prices rising fast, especially the dollar and local currency exchange rate on the black market in just two months doubled, the black market exchange rate of the US dollar close to 10 times the official exchange rate. The opposition as against the Maduro government and the ruling party’s main goal. The Maduro administration in a month before the election, decisively launched a series of economic measures to disrupt the market order, crack down on speculators, to shopping malls prices return to a reasonable level, close all issued black market exchange rate market site, not the government price policy implementation for refusing to store owners to impose fines or arrested. hollister shirts The punishment. The ruling party will promote the National People’s Congress awarded the president Maduro “the appointment of legislative power”, so President Maduro without complicated legislative procedure can issue decrees and regulations, accelerate the consolidation and regulate market order. These measures have the grassroots support, also caused a lot of controversy. Venezuela’s oil economy countries, various items basically from the export of oil export import and domestic needs. The government used the special conditions, strengthen the unified management of import and export trade and foreign exchange.
The unified socialist party’s campaign strategy, decisive measures to the Maduro administration’s response to the economic war, provided the political conditions for the stable to protect this municipal election. Preliminary results from the municipal elections, Venezuela basically maintained the political pattern of the presidential election of April this year, the ruling party won more than half the votes, and continue to rule in most city in china. Especially in the capital of Caracas, the ruling party candidate Jorge Rodriguez’s re-election with 54.55% of the vote, the Maduro administration is a powerful political support.
The opposition party in the municipal elections although the number of seats on the mayor as the ruling party, but some important state city mayor seats, such as the country’s second largest city Maracaibo, important industrial and commercial city of Valencia and President Chavez’s hometown Barinas city government. In addition, according to statistical analysis of all the valid votes, the opposition still has a little more than 40% of the vote, is very small and the ruling party vote gap. Opposition hollister jackets politicians have not weakened because of the municipal elections, Venezuela to continue in the political pattern of cell division. The Maduro administration will continue to face many challenges in the municipal election politics, especially the issue of economic development is very difficult.