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Written by  on December 19, 2013 

When I can deal with criticism and advice, my life is quietly changing, quietly close to the hollister shirts pursuit of the goal. The goal is to strive and struggle. Mentality is also quietly changing, this change let me have to conquer the difficulties and setbacks, perseverance and courage from the heart. In this competitive and prosperous city life, let me learn to accept that some words to hurt the heart to become a man of success. When the heart is hurt, should overcome the difficulties with a smile and determination, to hurt others words as stimulates you to fight. One day in the world, we should use the normal state of mind to treat every day life, work. When people learn to self pressurized, when close to the target. The pressure can not let me back, do not let me give up the pursuit of life, because I want to live. Let me know the hardships of survival is a kind of happiness, a kind of enjoyment. When I see the rainbow light, will know this is a happy voice, the voice of success. “The success of the voice is never give up, never admit defeat the spirit.” Life is not a single, colorless, but colorful. To live in high school will make the happy light around you, let the sound of happiness with you through laughter and sadness every day. When you accept sorrow, will find sorrow not every day with us. We have to face the people and things in life with what kind of attitude? You will be very happy with a smile to the face, have no worries. There are things, we should make good use of state of mind to face and solve, the only way life will be a bright smile on you
Time is so quiet, silent elapsing. Every day in the busy work live a day. Over a year and imperceptibly. Gains and losses in a year, is to get a new life, new requirements. Lost is a let people have Beckoning career. To lose rather than getting more people to think about space found after losing. In the time, with the heart to care, love to warm. Please don’t be sad, lost time, please do not regret heart, please do not lose confidence in life. Lose more can give people challenge the power of life. Lost is the wealth, the wealth can make life more flash, all this wealth will make people better cherish now. The flowers bloom, the four seasons by hollister dresses turns. Life is such a change, the pursuit of the goal in mind.
When the night sky of stars, when the moon rises, people are busy all day at home, a day town quiet down. Give a person a kind of calm and beautiful melody. The town gives a very lonely feeling. The street was not busy pedestrian, only a few of the owl lingered. Owls always late at night before going out, always in the middle of the night to catch its prey. Maybe the night owl prey more let Beckoning. Night owl is perhaps lonely wanderer, perhaps the wandering beggar. “The night is always quiet, and it seems so lonely.” Night lights become more beautiful, more people imagine, perhaps is the bustling town to give such a touch, to give such a conception, can give a person a kind of constant pursuit of power. The town and the city may be needed to observe the mind, with the mind, the only way to experience the beautiful town and people Beckoning place. Beckoning — her style, her heart, her hollister jackets consumption concept, her food and clothing live line can deeply touch every nerve to you, every cell and every heartbeat.