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Written by  on December 17, 2013 

A lonely, lonely heart, look for the development of space in the city, let me see the brightest star hollister tumblr in the night in the city, it is persistent, insist and longs for true heart, is a belief that I go now, it gives me the courage and the confidence to challenge, like a one will go to the soldiers on the battlefield, a gun in his hand already loaded, ready to give a fatal blow to the enemy. The hurt is not important, no love, no happiness is not important, there is no real life alive what meaning. In the hypocrisy of the city, I tried to find a real. I am the true, transparent, like white snow, people can know what my heart thinking? Is true is false, false is true. A lonely, lonely heart lose morale, confidence, the rest is just hypocrisy, deceit, sink, cruel, selfish, heartless, negative, let the seven to take root, in the heart of sprout, blossom, results, and finally died of poisoning, this is they let me braided black life. Black has engulfed me, my soul is dirty, the heart has been broken, except I lie, what all can do? I’m really is such, really damn — ten thousand times are not wrong. The midnight bell sounded, Christmas Eve has come, I have to lie, even my parents, friends, maybe I was really too bad. As with a woman, I was in their parents Pianqian way. After cheating money I and miss mixed together. Now I used to enjoy, happiness, I have betrayed the personality, self-esteem, or even every day looking at downstream of the film, but I was definitely not dirty, it is in order to meet the needs of psychology and physiology.
I decided to write confused in the work on the road could not write something to hide, but the content is absolutely beautiful but also to think. Lost in the work way is also a lonely hearts are struggling hard to find, can give me space for development, sometimes I really want to cry. Especially after drinking. That kind of desire more intense. Now that it was a desire to hollister hills succeed. The probability of successful desire stronger failure more. I work at home, my parents told me: “son, good looking for a job, writing is not a easy thing.” Parents were so serious. I really understand all of this a few years later when it is too late, too late. I have written down in the growth of the works. But the work is not finished, hidden many not written into the people and things. In Foshan when I wrote a diary “Foshan tonight I will hug you”. It is written in the Foshan half a year, but has not delivered on the Internet, it is Foshan tonight I will hug you let me writing a big leap, a new growth, but also Foshan tonight I will hug you let me more profound understanding of writing. Writing takes time, patience, need to imagine. In this short period of time is the most lonely, lonely. I remember in the The Hotel Blue at work, I have written many but not completely finished. Now the conception confused in the job, I have not written into the people and all the things written on the inside. As if to give it new life. The continuation of life, life continues, as if everything is new, because I am also a new. Through the dark period, through a happy period. I do not know the value of their own life. Appear when the body condition, found no good physique. In the eyes of others like discarded garbage, let a person feel nausea, hate not disappear early in their eyes. Has brought to the feelings of others is such. I don’t hope so, often because of the can’t sleep sleep. Eyes closed when fierce eyes appeared in my sleep. When I left Ganzi, always imagined city can give me what? How should I live? Should be the pursuit of what? As if all of a sudden heart empty, lonely, lonely. All this must bother me. I saw the city, wild at heart like a waterfall give people the beautiful feeling. Urban night so bright, like day, people will not feel the night. In the hollister medical city quietly quiet down, into the sweet dreams.