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Written by  on December 16, 2013 

Looked couldn’t help fast and vigilant about man, tall and thin, about 78%, wearing a very neat, hollister t shirts shoulders carrying a briefcase, looks very clean and concise, is working in the building of other companies should. Man’s smile remained, seems to be quite honest, but to have long been accustomed to almost never take the initiative and greeting greeting me, this “good morning” feel very awkward, and is not used.
Must have mistaken me for someone else. This is my mind the fastest is the only out of a word, yes, definitely the wrong person, otherwise, why would he be rather baffling to greet her.
Wanted to open a “you’re mistaken”, or just think, this morning the bus squeeze head to burst, is in no mood for talking with strangers. So looking at his one eye, then quickly withdraw my eyes, staring at the elevator buttons, until out of the elevator and never look back at the man, I want to own the expression of that time is certainly very indifference and disdain.
After many days, no longer met that strange man, he did not care about this matter. Until one hollister bags day in the morning came to the company, accidentally heard several colleagues.
“You know, there is a strange man in the elevator Morning Oh, I don’t know him, he greeted me.”
“Is a tall and thin man?”
“Ah, I also met the day, he also told the whole elevator ten people greet it, didn’t he, I also have no hollister bettys reason, Why reason ah, do not know.”
At that moment I suddenly remembered, the stranger several days ago he encountered in the elevator, apparently, colleagues in the “strange man” and he that encounter is the same person.