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Written by  on December 9, 2013 

Local time 8 days, 500000 Ukraine people swarmed into the capital city of Kiev Merdeka Square, hollister uk to protest the government refused to sign the contact’s agreement with the European Union, demanding the ouster of President Ianu J Vecchi.
A large number of demonstrators waving the EU and Ukraine flags, some people also hold high the banner of Ukraine uprising army red and black. Ukraine’s former Prime Minister Tymoshenko said in a statement, the demands of the opposition is Yanuke’s resignation immediately. Tymoshenko’s daughter, mother read the statement in the rally, she said: “Yanuke Veitch decided to join the dictator club, we must the peaceful and lawful pushed him down.” She also said: “he is no longer the president of this country, but must be responsible for every drop of blood here shed tyrant.”
According to reports, the organizers hope to call 1000000 people joined the demonstrators, so this round of demonstrations called for a “million people march”. For fear of violent clashes with riot police, some demonstrators wearing a protective helmet.
In November 21st the government of Ukraine announced the suspension of associated countries signed an agreement with the European Union preparations, causing tens of thousands of dear EU Ukraine public discontent, the largest demonstrations erupted in 2004 since the “orange revolution”. Protesters in recent days have surrounded the presidential palace, the hollister hoodies government building and the Houses of Parliament, they also and riot police clashed bitterly, hundreds of people were injured.
Ukraine’s president Ianu J Vecchi said, to suspend the associated countries signed an agreement process, is because the EU did not provide enough assistance to Ukraine, Ukraine can not sacrifice the trade with russia.
In December 6th, Yanuke Veitch to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin on cable, caused the hollister application Ukraine might agree to join the Russian customs union of speculation, but the Ukrainian Russian two party denied.
Analytic personage points out, Ukraine’s anti-government protests has led to the country’s economic crisis intensified, the Ukraine currency collapse. It is reported, the Ukraine economy has been five consecutive quarters of negative growth in the third quarter of this year compared to the same period, the economy shrank by 1.5%.