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Written by  on December 17, 2013 

They are very young, they use the wisdom to create a brilliant life. To create the value of life with hollister jobs wisdom. I am confident to communicate with them can feel optimistic, generous. They let me change, let have a strong love and ambition in my mind. There is love in their heart, there is a piece of pure sky. So they want more people to success, to belong to own a successful stage. Their temperament and talent deeply touched my heart. They say life experiences, he saw them from failure to success — a method of persistent, strong, never give up. I often think they are so successful in traditional industries, why choose such a man cannot speak good industry?
Strong, beautiful DJ the more let me One’s blood boils with indignation., like the Millennium volcano may explode at any time, like the piano graceful and bold. Sometimes like a Mercedes Benz in the grasslands of the horse, and sometimes like a fly in the blue sky eagle, give a person a kind of superior authority, sometimes it can make people pass through the time tunnel, back to the ancient times, sometimes like the wind swept the land of sand, let the weather turned dark can not see the sun. Piano charm let me unable to extricate themselves. Let love me fever. Especially the “sea star” it gave me a feeling of walking on the beach. The smell of the sea breeze smell. Feel the soft sediment, as if in here more fresh air, the sky more blue. I felt more relaxed. My first time hollister store to hear the piano bar “home”, I was deeply attracted by this beautiful melody. I don’t feel any voice, do not feel the time running, only the melody. My heart is flying in the tiny bar.
Revel in the atmosphere. Forget the scars of the heart, but forget the deception and lies. The reality in the heart of the flow, it will bring me into the wonderful environment. I like to lie on the green grass, smelling the fragrance of wild flowers, listening to the animal were cheerful chirping. There is no violence, no deception. They use their own way of life, they can be far away from violence, not on behalf of violence will not patronize them. In their world the first forever. It has the strength and wisdom. Like hollister shorts wolves have clever wisdom. They are good at group attack — the team spirit it is wolf. This is also the law of survival. I like the wolf spirit and wisdom, more like the eyes, it is so with God and with aura. In my eyes, the wolf as the incarnation of wisdom. Battle with the enemy it with wisdom and strength. Their team spirit to build a winning weapons. In their world, forever is the team’s interests above everything else.