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Written by  on December 11, 2013 

A accidentaly across so many lives. For example, meeting and parting, laughter and sadness. For example, in hollister store the wrong time, met a fatal palpitating with excitement eager to do sth., have each a deep feeling behind, are in fact is boundless loneliness. But, really has the fate this thing, what is the fate? Never explain, only deeply sigh, wrong!
I was alone, to swim alone in the cold night, in the past years, looking for your shadow. I am strong, standing in the rain, let the clear and rain, wash my soul!
Hot summer without a trace, in early September to cool. Walking in the bleak night, was bathed in blue light, counting them as their own story. Thought the fairy tale story is true, but the real world is very strange, in the world of love, there is always a thousand times of rub shoulders back. Met a long search for love, but found it is boundless loneliness and sadness.
If we say, we don’t meet each other, the future is less sadness and nostalgia. If say, love is two people, why can persist in wilfully and arbitrarily. Past all, perhaps not worthy of the occasion. Since the end, presumably would not care hollister new york about love that be passionately devoted!
The leaves, the wind Piaofei leave old ancient trees, in situ silently, waiting for the next flower. And I, this life is destined to love again., hurt the heart, the repair is not perfect. Cold tea, then also not out of the original flavor. Love, can’t be rejected, also cannot hold. Only in their own way to splurge, or cherish…
I think I did it, I didn’t go to the new one. My love, I miss, the once beautiful. I silently stay, follow your footsteps in the past years, in the lights, you turn back……
A sad time oneself, just for the illusory love. Follow your shadow in the vast sea of humanity, but is one. hollister shorts The distance you, perhaps in the arms of someone else, listening to his gentle whisper, you promise to exchange solemn vows and pledges.
I waiting for what? I was writing, writing for who? Why are doomed to hurt somewhere, unresolved grief, is bestowed by whom? Since no chance, why should we know that……