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Written by  on December 9, 2013 

The Japanese raid will USA completely involved in the second world war. According to America media reports, hollister store on the same day, including through the survivors of the attack, witnesses and USA Pacific Fleet service officers and soldiers, more than 2500 people attended the memorial service in the U.S. naval base at Pearl Harbor.
A memorial ceremony “sounded the alarm”
7 day at seven fifty-five in the morning, the Pearl Harbor naval base in silence, for people to mourn the victims of the Pearl Harbor incident. 72 years ago, at the moment, the Japanese attack torpedo bombers and dive bombers launched a wave of attacks.
Then, an Old World War II planes flew over the sky, break the silence. In previous years, the Hawaii Air National Guard fighter planes and helicopters will be low – flying performance in the ceremony, but this year because of the federal budget cuts are unable to participate in the.
This year’s anniversary is jointly organized by the USA Navy and the National Park Service, the theme of “a wake-up call”. American the Pacific Fleet commander Harry Harris in his speech called America Navy don’t forget disgrace 72 years ago, people call America from survivors remember warning.
“We will never forget the Pearl Harbor incident, we have to remain vigilant, we are ready to fight and hollister shorts win.” Harris said, “we need to be ready for the first sound alarm, also want to do everything possible to avoid the alarm sounded.”
The surviving Veterans Memorial Ceremony
50 Pearl Harbor incident surviving veterans attended the ceremony. Alves Taylor was 90 years old, he is an army medical personnel, 72 years ago, are responsible for the care of the wounded. This is the Pearl Harbor after the incident, the first time he returned to the site of the incident, “I’ll never forget the day when everything happens”. “I come back to have a look his comrades.” The 92 year old Deldon Wolin said these veterans is late in one’s life, “I want to see alive old comrade in arms, you know not much time we have left.”
Later in the day, the Pearl Harbor survivors also with the soldiers and government officials in Waikiki Beach attended the memorial parade.
In December 7, 1941, the Japanese fascist dispatched within two hours more than 300 aircraft attack on hollister shirts Hawaii America Pearl Harbor naval base, destroy or damaged ships American warships and hundreds of planes. “The USS Arizona” was sunk ship thousands of officers and soldiers, martyrdom. The attack resulted in about 2400 officers and soldiers dead, thousands injured. It is the beginning of the Pacific war.