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Written by  on December 10, 2013 

My dear husband, let me comb our two years of life, we are at the end of 2011 6 to the Beijing, basically 2011 hollister bags July struggle career, 2011. 7-2012. 7-2013. 7, we fight in Beijing just 2 years, these two years in our life experience and personal ability and we just don’t talk about, let us have a look some more realistic part: two years of struggle we have bank deposits, we dare to loan to buy a car, and we also have the confidence to meet the love crystallization our arrival; this two-year period we access to some so-called high-grade places, contact a number of so-called rich life, improve our living environment, we moved to the small one room warm from the dark initial damp basement, and optimize our transportation: from walking to cycling electric cars, motorcycles, evolving into to the car owners, however, compared with these, most makes me happy is my husband rare confidence and growth! Because the deposit amount will be along with the age increased, even the poor people a year only save 2000 blocks, you give him 50 years, he can save 100000 yuan deposit, and the improvement of transport even if the person does not do work, along with social progress and development will will become better and better, but as for the children, what we want? What time is the best? That is a matter of time, because it is with responsibility to marry the child sooner or later will be born!
So, these for me this woman is not the most make me happy, happy, because, I always very clear definition for my husband, he’s not for me, not my golden rice, not bring me the luxury life of tools, but that accompany me through the groundless talk life partner, the friends I need first of all he is healthy, the second is the spirit of positive and optimistic, can with I together through hollister bettys life Gougou timely, experience life change radically, compared with the original that young, frail handsome cream Xiaosheng, husband is now more like a “qualified” life partner, because he has a powerful my ability to shelter, he has strong confidence, keen insight and strong learning ability, network game is just a small adjustment for his boring life, and used to bury themselves in the virtual game to escape from the reality, he now know more brave and improve themselves in reality! Rather than escape! So, I believe, the metamorphosis, later and then difficulties will not beat me and her husband’s life……
My dear husband, you often say, from frugal extravagant easy, by the extravagance frugal difficult, perhaps, for ordinary people is like this, but, please do not forget me, your wife, not everyone ~ ~ I will always give myself clear, I also never to luxury as in pursuit of the goal for life, and greed, enjoy rather than I like is to create and give! For me, as long as you are in, what difficulties are not things! We don’t want the rapid arrival of wealth to be hindered, our life in the future to know, it is to give us a lot of never had the experience, this is a good thing! However, it went, healthy mentality, but should not take away we could have if, being controlled hollister mo by it and, then our life will not a moment’s peace.