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Written by  on December 9, 2013 

A unit from the Arctic cold recently mopping up in most areas of American, multiple city blocked by hollister new york the snow, meteorologists say this is one of the strongest storm American years encountered. It is expected America National Weather Bureau, the storm will leave American continent in 9 night, to the Atlantic.
A winter storm in Washington State USA northwest, in the 7 hit Texas, has now begun American invasion of the Midwest and northeast, rain and snow in the Northeast American Washington, Philadelphia, New York and Boston and other major city in 8 days, the temperature dropped to below zero. It is expected American National Meteorological Bureau, the Northeast snowfall will be in 8 days of evening rain, 9, although the temperature will rise, but this bad weather will give 9 morning people travel impact work. In American northern Midwest, northern plains and the Rocky Mountains of North Central, 8 day temperature only 12 degrees below zero, from the Tennessee River Basin in the the Atlantic area to also appeared sleet weather.
According to America media reports, the winter storm has swallowed at least 13 lives, more than 300000 hollister locations people are without power supply, the range of up to 1700 flights were canceled, and 2115 flight delays, a number of multi vehicle collision accident on the highway. Extreme weather has forced schools, businesses and government agencies in several states close. It is also considering the fury of the storm, South USA Tennessee and Arkansas has declared a state of emergency in response to the storm, the storm continued.
In the worst hit Texas, Dallas Fort Worth area, Dallas Fort Worth Airport 7, the highest temperature is 3 hollister shirts degrees below zero, this is the Dallas Fort Worth area of the same period in the history of the lowest temperature high. The region has 50 weekend activities because of the snowstorm was forced to cancel or delay, including the Dallas more than 2 people participated in the marathon race. At present, Dallas Fort Worth Airport has 400 passenger planes were grounded because of the snowstorm, there are more than 900 times of flights out of because of the snowstorm was canceled, airport still have 2100 stranded passengers.