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Written by  on December 16, 2013 

With the sun of the world, not only is bright, is lively, is a dynamic. The sun’s energy is hollister jackets transferred to the Populus euphratica euphratica body, as if to add energy and strength, the magnificent Hu Yanghuang in a little deeper! I finally understand, in the desolate desert zone drought, meaning the sun in Populus — the equivalent of a father for his son’s support and love.
In Erdaoqiao, we saw the other side — beautiful populus! The water company of Populus euphratica, readily show him full of tender feelings, one side is the most impressive: he put the shadow in the water and, like bowed his head with water as the most intimate kiss. At this time of Populus euphratica and water to the sentiment and the scenery com!
Walking on the wooden path along the cliff, like bathing in the lanes, a kind of unspeakable familiar and deja vu, that kind of feeling is primitive, simple yet touch one deeply in the heart!
The main landscape three bridge is red, is a kind of peculiar landscape. In more than 100 years of Red’s life, she like the Millennium Populus, also has strong life and persistence. In the vast red Liulin, occasionally can see some large, Trichy, especially old poplar, they like a brother to sister, suffering the ravages of sand, drought ravaged, support through the years.
Four bridges, trees, different shapes, trunk thick, forceful, is the most of Populus euphratica forest. May hollister abercrombie be geographical location north some more because of it, here the Populus Ye Ziquan is deep yellow, unlike a, Erdao Qiao Populus, and stubborn green does not fade, but from the point of view, more exciting than Populus yellow green shock!
The four bridge of Populus euphratica forest known as the hero, is the movie “hero” location, is the most worth watching place, unfortunately, our time is limited, can only have a look from the periphery to glance over things hurriedly, took a few photos, hastily withdraw!
From four to eight along the bridge bridge ride, Populus euphratica changing posture and shape, to show us his one scene beauty! Sitting just dizzying, beautiful, feel in the car but unfortunately, only to regret over, and on the road!
True to the eight bridges, it is merely a vehicle flow field, is surrounded by a desert. Connaught large hollister uk parking lot next to, there is a big Gen Gi Khan sand, here is a desert tourism area. Think about it, or a good view on the road!