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Written by  on December 10, 2013 

Remember that day at noon, after lunch, idle play mobile phone, mobile phone number on the hollister wiki back of friends, see some strange and familiar number, think of the people, now almost forget me clean, I thought, not too much contact, can be deleted. Cut to a person accidentally press, phone call in the past, I hurried up the phone, thinking, maybe somebody else early forget you, even if not forget, almost, to others, but also what to say. I walk to delete the mobile phone number, then off to bed.
I was awakened by a knock on the door, open the door of that a moment, I was surprised. That I call out call master stood in front of me, sweating, was parked beside the bike, it is obvious that she is going to.
Have you got anything to do? What’s the problem. I watched her sweating like, with a face of doubt.
“Is not for me to ask you, you give me a call I haven’t come to pick you up, made a few phone calls you didn’t answer, I thought you had an accident”. She used the sleeve wiping the sweat on the face side, short of breath and said to me.
“This, because it is so simple?” I’m surprised Qi Dao.
“I recently you space individuality signature too sad, was worried about you, you call me, remember you hollister gift card wronged when go back to the call and I said before, this time also didn’t answer you made, I’m afraid of you……”
“I’m fine is really all right, come in and sit down.” Listen to what she says, was a little inexplicable moved, has already found the hanging outside for a long time, hurried to the sentence.
“No, you see nothing I can rest assured, the home also have something, I go first.” Then, on the bike, the rush to leave.
Looking at her receding figure, I feel very sour, but sweet. Open mobile phone, see the dozens of missed calls, I again solemnly put her number on the friends of the column, but also put her in my heart. This man, can’t forget.
This is a real story happened on me, they changed my understanding of “friends” two words, let me understand what is the true friendship, what is a true friend. I know, they are not in my life anymore, it is just a way to quietly accompany hollister backpacks me to go on, they have been, they have been concerned about my the passions, and they are in my life the most not allowed to forget someone, they are friends, a friend for life!