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Written by  on December 20, 2013 

In this world, we are a group of small cannot again small, like the grasslands of a blade of grass, hollister a drop in the ocean, there is a grain of dust in the air like small! We have no house, no proud of the diploma, also did not let a person shine at the moment of expertise, we are in the street at a catch, there is a lot of ordinary people.
Every day we are quietly work. Day in and day out, year after year effort, but even so, we also understand that, even if the poor of our lifetime, we can’t have like Bill Gates achievements, also not like Guo Jingjing to be the champion of the world.
We are not improperly belittle oneself, but this is a fact. We know, not all people can be so great, can have the same success. We, the most common is the common peoples of the world.
However, we didn’t because we are small people think they can put their life’s journey is casually walk, not because we are small people feel inferior.
Although we did not have the figures do brilliant life, although we are not worth mentioning, but we hollister uk also have the dream, is our life goal. Perhaps, our dreams may in the eyes of others is so close, so appear trite and insignificant, may also be so meaningless, however, we still did not give up, because we firmly believe that, look forward to life, not intense darkness without light, even if our dream is so ordinary.
Life, the same for everybody, it not only preference who, it will not because you are a man will give you the setback, but little people will give you a ride, because of the dream, we still in our little world greatly diligently, insist! Although our salary is not high, can not afford to buy a gorgeous expensive things, often in order to life trifling troubles, however, we will not complain, because enough to lose.
We don’t like the big figure, because too busy and often can not go home with the family, every day we are hollister outlet one family sitting together to eat, even if it was just a homely fare; can sit about meeting work, things in life together every day, even if it’s just a very small chores?