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Written by  on December 17, 2013 

Tell me the story in the night sky and the The Hotel Blue. I need to find that moving in the night sky in the hollister bags eyes. This beautiful eyes full of confidence and friendly. Her eyes as if to tell me. I can become friends with her. HeineKen like butter tea, let me never forget in the color of eighteen years. Eighteen years has given me so much — sadness, blow, discrimination. The pain of childhood, juvenile Dugu, youth fall. I walked a desperate road. In despair at the same time — more hope. When the snow falling in the color of the small time. Give it a different scenery. I like in winter, at this time is the most happy, most can let me forget the pain when.
Leave the Seda, life is always changing. Let me experience from the heart to the survival. It doesn’t matter to hollister men find work in a particularly difficult. Relationship, money seems to have been the main melody of this society. Both in the army and local, it doesn’t matter life can not be the enjoyment of the highest, most happy life. “In fact, it doesn’t matter people will live more happy, more free.” Through the dark period, through a happy period. I do not know the value of self body. When it appears fault, find no good physique, in the eyes of others like discarded garbage, let a person feel nausea, hate not disappear early in his eyes. It seemed like a spirit in the sky, dancing in the beautiful wings. Because there is love in our mind so it singing, dancing the young enthusiasm for it. I can not deny it, because it will change his mind and body. He knows the heart and body exchange. There is love in my heart, I will go to change, to create the value of my life. Successful people 09 to 12 years I saw too much. Have knowledge in marketing hollister for kids industry, in Herbalife know, there are known in other occasions.