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Written by  on December 14, 2013 

OHCHR understanding Zhang Chengze in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea was executed in hollister outlet a thing, expressed concern.
Shah Mda Sani said, before the office for Zhang Chengze was arrested this news is concerned, is clearly Jang has been executed, the OHCHR expressed concern.
Shah Mda Sani said, the incident highlighted the lack of transparency and due process of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea system do what one wishes without restraint nature and the rule of law need. Whether Zhang Chengze was accused of what charges, the United Nations has insisted on the necessity of justice, and oppose the use of the death penalty in any situation, especially on whether to follow a fair trial standards there are serious doubts about the.
The Korean Central News Agency reported 13, North Korea on the first day to engage in hollister kids subversion conspiracy activities in accordance with Article sixtieth of the criminal law of the death penalty on North Korean Jang, and was the day of execution. According to reports, the North Korean national security department special military tribunal on crimes of Zhang Chengze was tried, think of Zhang Chengze as a modern version of sectarian leader, using impure forces formed factions attempt to usurp the long-term, the supreme power in the party and the state, by various methods and despicable means to subvert the state criminal conspiracy. Reported that, during the trial, Zhang Chengze admitted that the attempted coup, the coup is the object of “top leaders”.
Zhang Chengze this year 67 years old, is the Korean Workers Party Central Committee Political Bureau, vice chairman of the DPRK National Defense Commission, Labor Party Central Executive Secretary, people’s army general military rank. He is also the North Korean leader Kim Jeong-eun’s uncle, has long been considered to be North Korea’s “number hollister logo second man”.