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Written by  on December 16, 2013 

Although the arrival of Populus euphratica forest, the days have been near dusk, “the agreement hollister locations for three thousand years”, make people unable to hold oneself back to earlier opened his veil, see his appearance! With the advent of the night, we have to put this curiosity together with the body into the tent, brought into sleep……
More than 5 points early in the morning of October 3rd, when we climbed out of the tent, the morning with her cold body to rise a warm embrace. Populus euphratica appears in the sleeping, a bridge of light and before sunrise Morninghope soft shine upon them, as they drive away the darkness of night; the moon quietly waiting in the above them, to disperse the loneliness of the night for them; the river flows quietly in the dark, afraid of waking. Their good dream. A bright, quiet quiet desert morning!
6, entered the miss an evening of Populus euphratica euphratica, however, do not seem to appreciate it, he hollister jackets used the languid tired, be in the blues received his “pilgrims”. The branches of the tree leaves, or in the middle of the distribution have been holding exit leaves, has been commendable green, at this time, he is so be inopportune or inappropriate, so to spoil sb.’s enthusiasm. Perhaps the long yearning inertia, I believe there will be shocked my heart of Populus euphratica Shengjing ahead for me, these are not what I’m looking for the soul of Populus euphratica!
Turnaround is before sunrise. Come to a clearing in the sand, saw in the sand before the waters edge, has gathered a lot of people, people come here early, waiting for the river opposite the red sun of Populus euphratica after volley was born that moment!
Watch the sunrise from Populus euphratica, it was like a delicious visual feast for the eyes! Before sunrise the halo, many colors like red and yellow to reconcile it with a beautiful color, they and the inverse of the diversifolious poplars, hollister abercrombie reflected in the water, forming a virtual linked, black-and-white harvey! Subsequently, the beautiful halo in slowly become larger, a little bit of spreads, as if the Royal Guard of honour in advance, until the monarch — Sun gushing out!