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Written by  on December 16, 2013 

Is the alarm woke up early every morning in a matchbox renting a house, and then hollister uk washing, act with confusion, and then is busy dying team rushed to the bus station on the crowded sardine can like buses, staggered all the way, to come to the company, not a day of work, people will feel numbness and paralysis. Half.
The city of Shenzhen, the life and work of person just like myself this day muddy, probably not in the minority. Of course, we also very cold, for their apathy, indifference to each other; we do not believe that the people around you, do not believe that their friends, colleagues, and sometimes we don’t even believe.
We don’t have much enthusiasm for oneself, others will naturally without much enthusiasm. We hollister outlet almost always numb and wary of what it.
Out of the way, every arrive in the morning under the building, often with a large group of people jammed into the elevator, have never seen a greeting with who in the elevator, even with a smiling face, except for the occasional accidentally met to the colleagues of the company. Man, woman, old, small, basic uniform rigid face, their silent, clinging to their briefcases, eyes staring at change of digital elevator buttons, until the arrival of their floor, then turn away the moment the head also don’t return in hollister jeans the elevator door.
It was a morning is very common, and not what just happened in the elevator, he walked into the elevator, found that there is only one man. Press the floor number into the elevator after his company, and as usual, be entirely absorbed Arabia digital stared at the change of the red.
Good morning.
The sound of a sudden the elevator is clear, resonant voice, I surprised and looked round, saw the man is smiling to nod.