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Written by  on December 20, 2013 

Do not know why, idle time is not consciously recall some childhood, innocence, a world full hollister india of laughter, the indelible memory, let people miss, and sometimes I think suddenly a smile……
But, I can’t go back.
When we read the primary school is always looking on the junior high school, because the junior middle school to the night, naive and curiosity so I had to admire the me, because my heart always have a look. Until the junior high school, and don’t feel that imagined just as one wishes, and look forward to the high school, said high school homework rarely, leaving their arms, remain free, then we like a child to be a yes-man, follow the “who said,” I use this as a driving force, until well into the high school that I ivory tower, I found everything changed. Operation is not junior high school, want you to finish homework you have to finish, then there is no teacher supervision. Their parents are not around, take one’s ease, do as one pleases, but indulge themselves. On the high school was to have a sense of responsibility and pressure surge forward at heart, turned into a burden pressure on your shoulders, let you “Zhi, the labor of their bones.”
I was the sense of responsibility and pressure down, what hope, confidence, all be reduced to hollister nyc fragments. High school for three years, just muddle along without any aim to pass for three years, lost three years. The University expectations as weakened a lot, I once again look forward, look back is disappointed again and again, but in a disappointment I have walked a long way, and also can smoothly. I know that life isn’t always what nine in ten, the road is very long, I have lost, don’t find back road, did not see the end of the road.
My high school life is not very happy, because learning is not the past, once shattered my university dream. To tell you the truth, my heart is ultimately a university’s expectation, watching the students spelled a life science, inevitably some touch, after all, read the book so many years, not to ruin.
My father once told me, he was very bitter, and many are hard-earned money to earn their own reading, hollister black friday 2012 not easy to read. My father loves learning, learning is very good, but my father has a lifetime regret: did not go to university. Not ability, but no money to read.
Mother saw me father’s senior high school entrance examination transcripts in my junior high school, made a ball placed in a small pot, blue ballpoint writing can still clearly visible, all subjects near perfect. Father’s collection of more than twenty years, and I know nothing at all, the report may be condensed the father was too much emotion, moved two times unexpectedly fall off.
Father is very tough, always want to let me help him fill the regret, I feel the weight of responsibility, I am afraid not finish, afraid to leave his father a regret.