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Written by  on December 13, 2013 

The former Prime Minister Abhisit presented murder, allegedly in 2010 during a rally against hollister ostomy the government ordered the army to suppress the people rally led to casualties.
Abhisit 12 morning to listen to the prosecution charges against him, and denies the charges. The court decided in March next year, the trial of this case.
The Thailand attorney general’s office in October this year decided to prosecute Abhisit and former Deputy Prime Minister Suthep, reason is in May 19, 2010, Mr Abhisit’s government decided to use the security forces to rally in Bangkok of the “Red Army” the implementation of the “clearance”. “Clearance” action led to about 90 deaths, about 1900 people were injured. Prosecutors think, Abhisit was approved by the security forces use lethal weapons, casualties led directly to. Suthep is first Deputy Prime Minister Abhisit government was in charge of security affairs.
Abhisit day to the court delivered 600000 baht ($18700) bail out of court. The court required Abhisit next March before the case to trial without court approval shall not leave Thailand.
Suthep day appointed lawyer extension proposed formally charged on he apply to the court, reason is Suthep is hollister girls currently leading against the British government street demonstrations, occupied.
On the afternoon of 12, Abhisit social media on the out of court thank supporters. He reiterated that, he will prove his innocence in the judicial system.
In 2010, March to May, the “red shirts” rally in the capital Bangkok, asked the Prime Minister hollister weather Abhisit dissolved Parliament, early elections. Both sides several negotiations fail. In May 19th the same year, the Thailand army began to disperse crowds at La Prasong junction area of the “Red Army”, forcing the “red shirts” leaders announced the end of the meeting and surrendered to authorities. During a rally of two many months, “conflict Red Army” several times and the army, killing nearly 100 people were killed, nearly 2000 injured.