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Written by  on December 8, 2013 

The Greek parliament 8 days of before dawn through the 2014 budget. This is the Greek bailout hollister perfume loans a and get out of debt crisis created conditions.
In the parliamentary vote, the New Democratic Party led coalition members voted in favor, the other party members voted against or abstained from voting. The budget by 153 votes in favor, 142 votes against.
According to the budget, the Greek economy next year will increase by 0.6%, while the recession of 2013 range from 4.5% previously estimated narrowed to 4%.
Greek Prime Minister Samaras before the vote in Parliament said, after the implementation of a series of austerity and reform measures, the Greek finally saw the dawn of economic recovery. Greece in 2014 will achieve a primary hollister printable coupons budget surplus of 2900000000 euros, which is an important step of the economic recovery.
Syriza’s leader Tsipras said in parliament, the government measures will put Greece to the “humanitarian crisis”. Budget spending cuts and tax increases will make the recession and high unemployment, high poverty rate continues, suggestions on Greek sovereign debt problems re negotiation.
The main trade union organizations from 7 day to protest outside the parliament building, against the budget.
The Greek finance minister Stu Naras said, this budget reflects the Greek real economic operation, will enable the country out of the economic recession for 6 years, and are more likely to convince the international creditors to reduce the debt burden of greece.
At present, Greece needs to take tough measures to salvage agreement, so that in the near future for the European Union and the International Monetary Fund’s 1000000000 euro bailout loans. This loan is part of a commitment to hollister jackets international creditors since 2010 240000000000 euro bailout loans to greece. Greek and international creditors are not yet in the 2014 budget deficit limits and solutions and privatization plans to reach a consensus.