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Written by  on December 14, 2013 

The first chairman of the National Defense Commission, people’s army supreme commander hollister of the Korean people’s army Kim Jeong-eun inspected the research design institute. This is the first public event he was in North Korea after the execution of Zhang Chengze.
14 Korean Central News Agency reported, Kim Jeong-eun visited the revolutionary cultural relics preservation room, watching the revolutionary cultural relics and historical data, and visited the multiple design room, a task to design and research institute. He asked the staff to achieve scientific and modern design.
Kim Jeong-eun in the inspection of Songun Korea stressed, create new construction history is the determination of the workers’ Party of korea. He said, should draw the construction scheme of excellent research forces people to design, the leading role in the construction of socialist civilization countries.
Reportedly, the Korean people’s army general political director Cui Longhai handsome, people’s armed forces minister Zhang Zhengnan, Vice Minister of the Army General Labor Party Central Committee Huang Bingshi accompanied the inspection.
South Korea’s Yonhap news agency said, the inspection is the first public appearance after the hollister coupons execution of Kim Jeong-eun Zhang Chengze.
Since North Korea announced the lifting of the Zhang Chengze post and since the death penalty, the Korean people are showing extreme’s embrace of Kim Jeong-eun. North Korea “Labor News” newspaper published 14 days again, expressed support for Kim Jeong-eun.
This article entitled “we only know that Comrade Kim Jeong-eun” the editorial said, “what would” faithful to Kim Jeong-eun, “in the world, except the chief Kim Jeong-eun, other people are not a place to live in”. Prior to this, North Korea’s major media have also issued a document on the table, Kim Jeong-eun “sincerely”.
Yonhap accordingly commented, which means Zhang Chengze has been processed, Kim Jeong-eun hollister uk has intensified as he only dominance of the first chairman of the DPRK National Defense commission.