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Written by  on December 11, 2013 

After the nap, body cold afflictive, whenever this time, the mood also very depressed, how I miss you by my side, I don’t want any words, just want a hug, I think, so I will be very at ease, not every time it up. But, I know it is impossible, so, hollister jobs I can wake up alone, huddled in the corner, watching you climb a QQ in a daze, whether you are online or not, but I can’t speak to you, I do not know what reason, perhaps afraid to disturb you, maybe even if you haven’t looked at hand machine, I’m afraid I’m waiting for your reply, until you sad.
I don’t know what he wants to say, I can only think of what to say. I really want to talk to you or to a good friend to talk about his own mind, but I have no complete thoughts expressed, only in my words, I can only say that there is no fear of my heart messy thoughts.
You always said that I had mental problems, I think, I am crazy. Sometimes I cannot understand my move, because I did not, because of you, I sometimes don’t know myself, I think my mood, the mood is not under my control, completely controlled by you, I think this is not good, always around you, I’m afraid you tired, if you are afraid of me, if you can’t stand. But I really difficult to control myself, I have no way, heart often have two people in the struggle, and not what the, I know I’m not disturbing you too much, you should have their own space, you still have a lot of things to do, I have to do should always stand on your side silently after support you, tired I can give you a little comfort, but, but, I always let you worry, I’m very sorry, I hate yourself, you are not happy, I hate it hate yourself, perhaps, too much love you, let me become like the selfish, I think I shouldn’t have, you are not my own, you or your family, your friends, I can’t have you all the time and space, I can’t put my love into another damage on you, I think I hollister hoodies believe you, I will give you certain space and time. I want to give you my best love, deep love.
You always said you my pleasure is not good, I want to say, I love such a you, no matter how much is not good, no one can replace your position in my heart, I love you, love you, this is an indisputable fact, no matter what happens, I will always stay in you, even if you leave, I’ll still wait for you in place. Because I love you. Will always love you. I know I’m not good, a lot is not good, but I would like to change you, into your loving look, I only hope that you don’t leave me, I fear, without you, my world will collapse, I’m afraid without you I can not happy, I am afraid not. You I will give up their. Dear, forgive me, love you so.
You said that many times you understand me, because I care about you too love you too, love cannot extricate oneself, I do not deny that, this is the truth, I really can’t don’t love you, do not care about you. I know I am not good, many are not as good as the other girls, but I will strive to achieve, the appearance that you love, how I want to see your smiling face every day, you can see your real happy every day, I know that it is very difficult, very difficult. But when you’re upset, sad, I hope you will remember always that one person, she love you, also in trouble trouble you. I hope that I bring you happiness, is beautiful. I don’t want to be a burden on you, my dear, when you irritable and I hope to help you share, I am willing to be your listener, if you want a quiet person, I will be good, give you a quiet, I will wait for you in a good mood, and if I can’t make you happy, I can don’t push me away, I will quietly stay by your side, never make trouble out of nothing. OK, my dear.
You say there is no need to let others know we are together, do not need to show. Well, as long as you accompany hollister store me, anyway. Although I don’t mind… In fact, I really want to go with you, and your friends, or play with my friends, but it does not matter, have you, good. Perhaps, you really not used to… Uh… Let me get used to your habit…