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Written by  on December 17, 2013 

In a quiet night, with a nearby fair park. Visiting the Fair Park is not the first time, but this is hollister stier for the first time I feel the charm of the book fair park.
All the way they feel tonight the park is a bit different: Flute, piano, singing around; the sound of gongs and drums together open ring. What’s the matter? The past is not so busy!” I felt very curious, want to get the answer. According to the rules, we parked the car, walked to the entrance to the park. Go to the door, only to find the gate row, a large group of people, in the face of the other side of the park, in a building marked Philharmonic Square shops, a few little white haired old was playing a variety hollister and co of musical instruments: Cello, violin, erhu…… Several young women take turns playing, show oneself hundred finch like voice, occasionally lead to a burst of applause, cheers. Turned into the park, the park also let all people feel incredible, I doubt their own eyes, just how long did not patronize, unexpectedly so big change!
In a small square, in groups of three and four middle-aged people are in a circle kicking shuttlecock. The sweat has already soaked their clothes, but they didn’t seem to feel tired, focus on the eyes reveal their desire for health. Feathered shuttlecocks at their feet, flying, like the bright eyes. Shuttlecock is an important game, we this generation person’s childhood, in which became sports a generation exercise their peers, which can make me a little itch for a try.
The middle of the square, the shuttle a “people boats”, these “XFR” foot “Hot Wheels”, hollister women wearing a “Armor Helmet”, slide the self-confidence, slipped to the happiness, the people around into a beautiful childhood. A tender figure sometimes like floating on the surface of the water, sometimes like a flying target rapidly moving, so dizzying. “In the fall, climb up again” is their motto, “hurry up, again a bit faster” is their eternal pursuit, “fear of falling, falling pain” is the interpretation of the standing next to the parents One’s pupils do not turn. expression.