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Written by  on December 15, 2013 

I am big family people love drinks — wine, I have in most parts of the world, my brothers and sisters and I, hollister being dressed up, in order to attract customers, to make friends with us.
Our brothers and sisters, have red wine, liquor, beer, Wine. Our nature is different, some taste sweet, aromatic fragrance; some light, slightly spicy taste; some like tasteless, but lead a person to endless aftertastes…… I was known as “red wine”.
I have a lot of advantages: not only can prevent arteriosclerosis, promote digestion, but also can anti-aging, hollister co won the people’s love. But if I get angry, will cause harm to the human body.
I have a brother called: “liquor”. His fame can be big, history is very long, generally welcomed by the people. He has the following advantages: 1, Xiaoshi appetizer, promote food digestion. If people make friends with me, I will treat them, make them happy, enhance the friendship between friends. But if you make fun of me, take it out on me, I will make them gastric mucosa irritation. 2, he can prevent cardiovascular disease, accelerated The new supersedes the old. His alcohol content is high, can promote blood circulation, some benign stimulation to the skin, in order to promote human The new supersedes the old. role, moreover also can eliminate fatigue and tension, Shujinhuoxue, cold. Now, brother’s health care function is further developed, “Compendium of Materia Medica” on the record liquor has ventilation, cold, Shujin, diarrhoea, diuresis effect. America, Japan, France, according to scientists, liquor health care function is outstanding, also known as the “water of life”, “long water” the laudatory name. But brother temper hollister coupons worse than me, he is in methanol, formaldehyde, manganese, lead can damage the human.
People only sincerely to make friends with us, will take to us the essence, be healthy and happy.