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Written by  on December 15, 2013 

The morning of November 2, 1993, in a small remote villages in the small mountain village, a hollister wiki small life with, Wah Wah cry was born. She opened the chapter of life, through the eyes to see, and a new world, mountains, blue sky, white clouds, flowers and trees. Her birth mother died, his father disapproved of her daughter, then take her to her aunt’s house, and he by her aunt and uncle to take care of. He saw all the others have parents, he did not. Then, she put her uncle and aunt called parents. He is at home cooking and washing, she read a book while the cattle, he was a man of learning. He never think hard even though she is only four years old, she was washing and cooking, no no.
Shaanxi province Shangluo City Shangzhou District North Kuan Ping Zhen Hong Hua Cun’t Temple group, where more than 4000 meters above sea level. Is a scattered village built and built, there is no wide cement road. There is only one less than the width of the mud road 5 cm rugged. Both sides are the mountains, to walk more narrow, the roadside weeds. At the end of the road is three households, the house is the period of the Republic of China live in adobe. Their home is here, a less than five rooms in the attic. In shreds and patches of wooden doors ajar symbolically, no lock. There is a large piece of open space.
Safflower primary school is a long history of rural primary school, the school was founded in 1969 March. hollister bags After years of development, the campus covers a total area of 15922m, in 2012 the school has six years of teaching 6 classes, students are not many people. A pragmatic style of work, teaching and educating, enterprising spirit, dedication, political and professional quality of good team, in recent years the school running conditions have been greatly improved, in 2006 a new teaching building, he was in here. Here are 4 kilometers from her. Are all crooked road, he go to school in the morning the evening go back. And at noon time is short. Running back and forth too late, his parents will bring meals to the hillside, he put the food on the hillside. Go to school. So every day the dinner early to where where to wait for them to eat. After dinner, go to school. Then his father took chopsticks to take home to eat, they sometimes they go back to the food is getting cold to hot to eat. Dinner for their parents to go to hollister bettys do farm work, in the evening she went home to help my parents to the cattle, to help parents do housework cattle back. Parents to go home to cook, after dinner she began to write the teacher homework finished the homework before going to sleep. So every day, day in and day out year after year regardless of whether or It’s raining and blowing hard. very cold, so, every day, until she graduated from primary school.