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Written by  on December 15, 2013 

The cat can’t let the dog see the fish delicious, but it doesn’t stop the dog to chase fish always hollister india enjoy it enthusiasm, a dejected alley, Setaria viridis wanton standing on the wall, withered and yellow, loss of moisture, clear like the dry wind, provoked a dog nose itch, the cat was a sneeze, the dog did not. Interest, hold uncomfortable.
The cat and the dog is in a garbage can, the same odor led them, a fermented beer flavor, perhaps both dogs and cats like this let the anesthesia fragrance, decreed by fate in general, this relationship is particularly deep, meet in open space, the total less house at home old grudge, dog grinned, brow less sharp, cats strode, eyes less cunning and suspicion, after all the dogs and a cat is not always to be met in the garbage box this ordinary, God’s joke, dogs and cats in the purpose of speculation.
Dogs like to count, cat like literature, 0123456789, zero one two three four five six seven eight nine, on the very neat, life is a number, a few bits of difference does not matter, the key lies in each number does not repeat, and this combination is infinite, life is not a complex but very cumbersome formula, regardless of cats and dogs add, subtract, multiply and divide hollister nyc in which one, maybe 0123456789, zero one two three four five six seven eight nine, but pragmatic, nothing but fantasy.
After living together for a long time, the dog and other dogs like each other, but cats are popular, however, is no longer the same dog dogs, cats don’t like cats, why the dog cat gas called, cat dog gas called bold, original dogs learned to eat fish, the cat refused to eat shit.
Many times a day, the dog and the cat are sleeping, they used night wandered into the kitchen full of food, it is a kind of theft, like a love affair, the cat and the dog every time you open the window, can see a servant whispers of love, the man said, do not be afraid, no one, she said, was found. Then, men kiss a woman’s neck, reached into the woman’s blouse, suppressed breathing, wary of the excitement, the climax is about one or two minutes, the dog and the cat looked at each other, come swaggeringly walked into the kitchen, deliberately let the woman see, men who buried her head in her woman’s breast, women say a hollister body spray word for half a minute, there are cats and dogs in that, this sentence every two words are omitted from the 3 — 5 “.”. Then with a fish and come swaggeringly out woman, eyes closed, the man gasped, but very quiet.