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Written by  on December 11, 2013 

Walking slowly in the quiet street, ground catkins in the slight breeze carried into a fluffy ball, the road on hollister jobs both sides of the trees in the wind of low low sing. In this approximation beautiful scene, I was unable to calm the mind, like the surging brew storms on rivers and seas.
Looking at the lovelorn girl losing a little red face, listening to the lovelorn girl slightly sad to pour out, holding a lovelorn girl slightly cold hands, as if in the mirror and my soul. Suddenly, my pain, no place to hide, my long pent up feelings touched, wronged, sad, bitter, topple the mountains and overturn the seas flooding into my heart, can not stand, quickly fled to the uninhabited place.
As a willow tree, I curled up and then curled up, shivering and shaking. Finally, I cry out; finally, fling caution to the winds of the vent. At this time, the wind in my heart belongs to the pain finally stop the reverse. At this time, my soul seems to be pulled away, the whole world is still. My soul around just cry, but the ache, be put in a quandary.
All the time, day, my hair up, smiling, in front of people come out of a strong and proud of yourself. At night, I am unkempt, remove the mask, huddled in the corner, let pain numb and my hands and feet, but, no matter how to struggle, after all, no tears.
Now, tears came down. Perhaps this is a good phenomenon, that I come out, gradually down. Maybe, someday, I’ll scabby heal.
Once, I try to identify, to close your eyes and ears of the trust. As long as you say, I believe, even if the whole world in opposition.
Just like me, you know? Dance stop, fireworks powder, the end is empty……
By the wharf, green and tender are willows, each twig and and every leave are expressive of parting sorrows. hollister shorts Send me not his regards from here on, for the love shared in a house famed for the flowers it keeps is nothing to go by after all. What kind of fool? What kind of trouble?
My soul away, you come to an end.
You pale I wait, I ignored your pain.
I wait, you sad.
I look around, your depression.
Hurt, is my biggest accidentally in love, I also do not want to see the.
Look up at you, your heart floating in the clouds.
Look at me, my heart is immersed in seawater.
What should I do? What can I do?
The greatest love is not your heart doesn’t love me but you don’t love me. Face the reality, the vow is the hollister locations most useless, the most feeble.
I understand, love is pure, fragile thing. It is not doped, also cannot load. Otherwise, even if has, will draw further apart. But the flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum, sad, fireworks the plaintive, the touching moment, the beautiful moment. The flourishing after the fallen dark gap, that dark give pain and loneliness, out of the soul, tearing the flesh and blood.